Skylar Adams: Heavenly Wrinkled Soles

Click Here to See the Full Gallery and Video!

Click Here to See the Full Gallery and Video!

Cutie Skylar Adams’ Soft Soles are Amazing

I’ve worked with Skylar Adams a lot and was actually surprised when she asked me to shoot her for the foot fetish site.

Apparently I was up in Seattle shooting the previous time and was too busy to shoot with her then, so she reminded me that I’d told her about the site previously.

I’d always thought Skylar had tiny feet, but when she asked the camera, “do you like those big t-girl feet,” and I questioned the authenticity of this line, she let me know she wears a size 11.

I know tons of people love girls with big feet, so I know some of you will love her size 11 soles.

Her soles are incredibly soft and wrinkled, and she’s not shy at all about showing them off.

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