Scarlet Rose: Sexy Little Feet and Toe Wiggling

TS Scarlet Rose Feet Are Amazing!

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Scarlet Rose is Petite with Cute ‘lil Feet!

TS Scarlet Rose stands 5’6” with some super soft, wide, perfect, size 9 feet. She’s got little hands and feet, but on a side not, she has a big cock. She wasn’t sure if she had pretty feet or not, but I’m here to tell you that fans of foot fetish will love her feet.

She’s got plump toes and buttery smooth soles. Her toes are medium in length, but the shape is perfect.

Scarlet Rose has a very bubbly, cute personality. She’s always smiling and happy.

Scarlet Rose Sole Show!

She crosses and uncrosses her ankles with grace and scrunches those tasty little toes. Her feet are totally flexible and when you she her curl her toes, her whole foot bends. She doesn’t have the most wrinkly soles, but they do wrinkle some.

She shows you the top and the bottoms of her feet and spreads her toes in both situations as well.

You’re going to love seeing her stack those soles up so you can see both peds in lined up and giving you 19 inches of soles to gaze and go ga-ga over.

Scarlet Rose Runs Her Fingers Over Her Soles

She runs her pretty little hands down her leg and perfectly frames those pretty feet with in her fingers. Check out when she puts her feet on the floor and bends her foot forward so you can see the flexed balls of her feet.

She gets down in the pose and legs you see her entire SEXY form in the frame before she gives you a nice close up of those amazing toes. She then slides them forward so you can see the bottoms of her feet before she pulls back her toes and gives you another glimpse of the balls of those feet.

This is one, little sexy minx with super hot feet. You foot fetish fans will love this amazing transgirl, Scarlet Rose!