Scarlet Rose: Cute Soles and Pretty Little Toes

Scarlet Rose’s Super Cute Feet

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Scarlet Rose Has Perfect Wrinkled Soles

Scarlet Rose was to smother your face with her cute little feet. She technically wears a size 9 – her actual size – but she still have some of the smallest overall feet ever. If you like tiny feet, this is your girl. She loves to plop her feet down on the table and scrunch her toes right in front of your nose. Therefore, when she crosses her ankles and creates a little wind for your nostrils, you smell her sweet feet. Scarlet is really amazing at showing off those little feet.

Scarlet Rose Wants Her Toes on Your Nose

Scarlet Rose asks, “You want to smell my feet? I bet you’d like it!”

Miss Rose then proceeds to giggle and stack one foot on top of the other. This exposes the ball of her foot and it’s super soft and curvy. She’s got cute, little plump toes that really work well for a suitor’s mouth! When she works her soles and toes with her fingers, you can really see how soft they are from the way her skin indents when she touches them.

Scarlet Rose Would Give Amazing Foot Jobs

Scarlet really have some bendy, soft soles with amazing wrinkles that remind me of Shiri Allwood a little bit! Both t-girls wear a size 9 shoe and have very soft, bendy feet. The lady Rose really gets into it when she bends her toes way back and shows off the balls of her feet again, but this time even more. She has the cuties, most amazing little feet ever. You can’t miss this scene from Scarlet Rose.