Janelle Fennec: Sexy Sole Show

Janelle Fennec’s Awesome Smooth Soles

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Janelle Fennec is a Cutie with Slender Soles

I worked with Janelle Fennec a few years ago up in Denver and she gives off a really professional vibe. It makes her really attractive when she freely lets you know about her sexual side. We did a shoot for Grooby which was awesome and she did a great job with that. The topic of feet never came up.

Then, after I started doing foot fetish stuff I decided to ask Janelle to shoot. Knowing how good she is at seducing, I figured she’d do a great job and I was right. She’s a natural FOOT GODDESS!

Janelle Fennec Removes the Shoes!

Janelle Fennec starts off telling you about how she’s had a long day and then she slips off her show off her long, slender soles with amazing long toes.

She does a great job of popping her pretty face out from behind those feet when necessary so you can see her beautiful, ocean blue eyes and seductive lips. Her toes scrunching as she slowly moves them back and forth.

Janelle Fennec Brings Out the Baby Oil for Her Soft Soles

Not satisfied with just showing off her amazing soles looking soft and scrumptious, Janelle Fennec covers her pretty feet in baby oil and it adds to the excitement. The smooth motion of her rubbing those pretty feet together will make you lose your mind.

Janelle Fennec stands about 5’7″. She’s got long toes and shoe size is either determined by the total length of the foot or how long from the ball of the foot to the back of the heel. Sometimes she takes a size 9, but sometimes a ten!