Ivory Mayhem: Stocking’d Feet, and Sensual Soles!

Ivory Mayhem Has Gorgeous Wrinkled Soles!


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Ivory Mayhem Learns Her Feet Are Awesome!

No, Ivory Mayhem is not a fan of her feet, but we’re working on that. She’s slowly starting to realize that it’s an amazing feature on her and foot fetish fans LOVE Ivory’s feet.

Miss Mayhem’s soles are perfectly shaped with perfect toes on the end. Therefore, a foot fetish fanatic would be ecstatic to worship and bow to the feet of Queen Ivory Mayhem.

If you love to suck toes, she’s got some nicely spaced toes. They are long, and you can get some good head motion going on.

The heels of her feet are slender, making the wider side of her feet perfectly pronounced, spectacularly showcasing the balls of her feet.

Her soles are perfectly smooth when they are pointed straight up, but when Ivory Mayhem scrunches her soles, she has really deep wrinkles.

Once again, you truly have the best of worlds when it comes to what type of feet/soles you like your girl to have.

Ivory Mayhem Has the Beautiful Face to Match Her Feet

Here, she stacks her feet one on top of the other. You’re in trouble once Ivory scrunches her toes. Then, she lays on her side and gives you an ant’s eye view of some of the softest soles in the universe.

If you’ve never seen Ivory Mayhem “au naturel” get ready. You will today. She also has another, very big digit that you’ll see her play with as she’s not wearing any underwear in this shoot.

Ivory Mayhem stands 5’10”. Most importantly, she’s got PERFECT feet that any sole worshiping efficinato could do something with. If you’ve never had a sexually charged, full lipped beauty take control of you with her lovely feet, treat yourself and Join Today!