Candy Marie: Perfect Little Feet

Candy Marie’s Tiny Little Toes

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Candy Marie’s PERFECT Feet

Candy Marie is fairly tall at 5’8″ and she’s a great talker. Her tiny feet are size 8 (or are they a 7.5? 7? Very small feet!) with absolutely perfect toes. She says her feet are so soft and she’s pretty sure they taste good too! She’s quick to point out that she has very high arching feet and she’s right.

She’s so good at working those pretty feet and a making a foot fanatic go really mad. She crossed her ankles and waved those toes. It was so heavenly. You’ve got to witness this!

Candy Marie’s Foot Pussy?

Candy Marie knows she has some amazing little feet, but I’m not sure she was aware that she was making one hell of a foot pussy? Her feet were in the perfect, dick gripping position and she’s wondering if you would give HER a foot massage. The thing you can not miss with this girl’s feet is the shape. These feet are ideal in their size and shape – if you like little feet. If you like bigger feet, Ivory Mayhem may be the t-girl for your foot fetish pleasure.

Both girls have perfect feet, but Candy Marie is a different type of perfect. She pulls her toes back and calls it arching the toes. Then she steps over and it’s ten toes right in your face.

Candy has a tattoo on her foot, but it’s not too intrusive.