Aubrie Scarlett: Sexy Soles Tabletop

Aubrie Scarlett’s Nice Feet on the Table

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Aubrie Scarlett with the Hot Sole Show

Aubrie Scarlett came to the studio to show off her nice feet, she starts out with the feet sticking straight up in the air, wiggling her toes.

She was a little unsure what to do with her feet at first, but she got to toe wiggling pretty swiftly. Her feet are narrow with a lot of wrinkles on the soles and her her toes are a nice length.

When she crosses her ankles, the camera goes underneath and points up to give you a great view of those ankles. Then she crosses them the other way and you get a close up of those toes.

She has dark red toenail polish on to match her dark red hair, which is awesome. Then she pulls her toes back to show off the balls of her feet!

Speaking of which, she stacks one foot on top of the other and it’s a great view. Since the toes are pulled back on the bottom foot, Aubrie’s bottom sole is smooth and with her toes pointed forward on the top foot, that one is wrinkled. It’s a nice contrast from Miss Scarlett.

Aubrie Shows You Every Angle of Her Feet!

Then Aubrie Scarlett lays her feet on the side and she wiggles those toes some more while peeking her pretty face out from the side and giving you a wry smile.

You know she has to turn over and curl her toes for you. You get both an awesome view of the top and bottoms of her toes before she turns her toes underneath and shows off the stressed balls of he feet.

She then lifts her toes in the air and shows off the tops of her feet which are awesome before turning back over and sitting on her butt to show you to the tops of her toes flat on the table and close up. Then you know she lifts those toes up, once again exposing the balls of her feet.

Wouldn’t be complete with her showing off the arch of her feet and giving you another ant’s eye view of those perfect, wrinkled soles.

Aubrie Scarlett is a petite 5’6” with size 9 feet!