Aspen Brooks: Sexy Feet in the Pose

Aspen Brooks Oily Feet

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Aspen Brooks is a Tall Sexy Foot Goddess!

FOOT GODDESS Aspen Brooks is an amazing 6’1” tall and beautiful and buxom! She starts out on the famous white couch and then she plops her feet down on the table so you can get a nice view.

Aspen gives you a great view of the tops of her feet and her toes are a lovely shade of pink. She curls her lovely toes as she begins to straighten out her long legs and she then puts her soles up for you toe see in full view.

Aspen Brooks Has Iconic Feet

Miss Brooks’ toes are nice and long and she alternates her soles being straight and her toes curled. She spreads her toes out really nicely.

She crosses her ankles and then spreads and scrunches her toes liberally and they look great as her feet fill the frame.

Aspen Brooks hasn’t done too much foot fetish stuff, but she knows how to turn on men – and it’s evident from this performance.

If her soles weren’t hot enough, Aspen then slathers her feet in oil and they look even better shiny. It makes her long toes stand out even more and the soles just look so good like this.

Aspen Brooks Gives Us a Show

Aspen Brooks turns her feet on the side and the camera gets even closer so you can see her feet totally fill the screen. The way she wiggles her toes will drive you nuts and then she gets up on her knees and pulls her toes back so you can see how they flex.

Aspen’s feet are looking good from all angles.

You’ve got to love Aspen Brooks. She exudes sex and loves to please men. I think the best thing about here is they way she moves and is eager to please the fans. We’ve got to thank her for this performance!