April Lee: Oily Soles and Pretty Toes

April Lee Oils Up Her Amazing Soles

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April Lee is Cute with Great Feet

April Lee is one sexy girl who used to be plus sized but now she’s super fit and sexy. She’s tall. She stands 5’9″ and has size 9.5 feet. She shows off her sexy, fit legs. At the end of those super hot stems are some sexy little feet. She starts out with her feet straight up in full view and then we get a close up of her toes wiggling. Her toes are painted white, which we see from the top and bottom with her ankles crossed. When she lays on her side and rubs her feet together, things start to get really sensual.

She’s such a sweetie, but she almost looks mean as hell in this video at times and it’s hot. We’d love to see her smother some fool’s face with her feet. Her cute sexy feet look amazing with the camera close up.

April Lee Oils Up!

April Lee’s mean face turns to delight when she reaches over and grabs the oil and rubs her sexy little feet down. She then rubs her feet in the oil on the table and finishes oiling up. Her feet are so sexy and shiny when she shows them off. When she rubs those feet together it’s very hot. She then rubs her sexy ass legs with the oil and she’s loving it.

You’re going to love seeing the lovely April Lee all oiled up. Her feet are from heaven.